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I am an international student

Posted on: Februarie 22, 2009

This has definitely been the year of studying abroad.
This has been the year when I stayed at the same table with people from the whole world; the year when I ate Spanish, Mexican, Italian, Hungarian and Argentinean food (and Thüringen bratwurst, of course! ); the year when I visited some friends in Italy, I talked on Skype with friends from Spain, I read about adventures of students in Turkey and Japan; the year when I lived in the same house with three Chinese people. And much more.
For me, this was unbelievable.
There were so many pieces of life, all joined in only five months as an Erasmus student at Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany.
I thought that some of you might also be interested in the idea of making studies abroad. And besides all the stuff you might have read about living and studying in another country, there are the stories of real people that might give you the feeling of how it is to be an international student.
That’s why I asked some friends in Ilmenau to share their views.
Let’s wait for their reply!







15 răspunsuri to "I am an international student"

well, the country of Beck’s sure has its stories to tell. and we’ve written our part of history here on the campus.
i don’t want to spoil pretty memories, so it’s ‘thumbs up’ for Ilmenau. i just guess that it’s best when you come with some people you know. it makes you feel like you belong somewhere.

so true, jette 🙂 and what i really want to mention is that it’s really important to get over the first week in ilmenau, we all know how depressing it can be.. 🙂 just wait to get to know people, the hell will suddenly turn to heaven 🙂 so just ignore the old ugly train station, it’s the best example of how wrong first impressions can be. i’ll try to write a post on my blog and give the link here, i remember how hard it was for me to find any informations before coming to ilmenau, so it’s a great idea, raluca!

Ilmenau, Himmel blau… Ok, it’s usually grey, not blue, but nonetheless beautiful. Even though it looks small/boring/unexciting at the beginning, you will soon realise that first impressions are not always right.
I’m already here for 5 months and decided to stay for another semester. That is the ultimate prove that I enjoy it here and that Erasmus in Ilmenau is to be taken into consideration.
I’ve learned more about relationships, about making new friends and about living together with other people in the past few months than in my entire life. Ilmenau has sure had it’s mark on my life and I’ve changed a lot since I’m here.
The only piece of advice I can give to any young student is to apply for an Erasmus scholarship. It’s totally worth it!

Hi Raluca!! 🙂

Great idea to share this ^_^

My own impression? I’ve already lived with people from some other countries so that fact is not very new for me. However, I have never been such a long time on my own: now I know how much is a tomato and how tyring is to go house shopping every week!! Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed the experience of having this Erasmus time: you can do whatever you want, you are having fun and you get paid for it. What else could you ask for…? xD

Hope everything’s ok back in Romania.

Lots of kisses ^_^

Hey, Marta, I laughed a lot at your example with the tomato 🙂
Yeah, home sweet home, it’s already spring here and I enjoy it!
And you’ll see, it’s that part with meeting your friends and family that makes the coming-back-home even nicer:)

I noticed that someone reached my blog by searching for ” Ilmenau food price” on google. Compared to other Erasmus destinations, I think that life in Ilmenau is cheaper. The rent is between 88-120 euros for a place in a double room, between 110 and 170 for a place in a single room (and you actually live in a flat where you have everything you need). Concerning food, there are Kaufland and Plus, where some products are even cheaper than in Romania. And the price of a meal at the University starts with 1,75 up to 2,60 euros.

the price of food at the mensa actually starts at 1,50EUR. even better ^^

May the experts have the last word 🙂

I hope isn’t late to make my comment, ok… all those comments make me feel really great about my experience in Ilmenau, I didn’t come whit Erasmus scholarship, I came whit a DAAD one from Mexico.
This was the first time a meet many people from other parts of the world, I’m really glad that i took from here really true friends on my hearth and that I’ll also never forget them.
At the beginnin my first impression was the same as yours, I saw Ilmenau almost as a Farm or something like that, then I realized that the University has many things to offer, the student life is such so nice here, and the party times will also never miss.
I really gonna miss Ilmenau and all the people I knew here.

No, it’s never too late, thank you for the answer 🙂

I know it’s very late :P, but „auf jeden Fall” (anyway)
A fost foarte amusant!!!
My experience in Ilmenau and in Germany overall was everything except I expected.
I experienced things that I could never imagine… especially because of my experience in ROME!!!! :S
But what could I ever add to this dialog… I have nothing to relate…
overall because of what Jorge says.
Maybe I would never end on this page… but OK
I missed all you!!!
Besitos 😛 😀

Heey, thanks for the answer! It’s good to see that you didn’t forget your romanian skills :)) I think I didn’t mention the intercultural and language mix that was common at our table at the Mensa: spanish, english, romanian and very very few german words :))

Thats very good to know… thanks


Felicitari pentru experienta ta. Imi place ce-am citit prin posturile de pa acest blog.

Eu sunt de asemenea un student erasmus, de faptul unul pe cale sa devina, caci am de gand sa studiez primul semestrul din anul viitor la o universitatea din germania.

Pentru ca tu ai trecut deja prin experienta aceasta as dori sa te intreb cate ceva.
In primul rand … ce acte ai nevoie pentru a putea studia (pasaport, viza …)?
Bursa erasmus era suficienta pentru cheltuielile de acolo? (ce preturi sunt si care era bugetul tau lunar, daca nu sunt indiscret)

… e ok sa-mi raspunzi si pe email si sa-mi stergi comentariul daca nu e in spiritul celor de mai sus 🙂

Multumesc frumos. Vacanta placuta si sarbatori fericite!

Buna, Bogdan si multumesc de urari! Felicitari si tie pentru alegere, o sa fie o experienta foarte misto! De viza clar nu se pune problema, dar cel mai bine intrebi de celelalte acte la biroul pentru Erasmus din cadrul facultatii tale sau direct la universitatea la care o sa mergi, ca sa fii sigur ca ai tot ce iti trebuie.
Referitor la costul vietii, am scris destul de mult in comentarii, spre ex in comentariul 6. oricum, tre sa tii minte ca eu vorbeam de 2009, dar nu cred sa se fi schimbat foarte mult. oricum, din punct de vedere al cheltuielilor, Germania e clar cea mai buna alegere
Multa bafta si apuca-te de invatat germana 🙂

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